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Seattle Design Center is making waves, and the Pacific Northwest is taking notice. We are proud to share an exciting Seattle Times article highlighting our groundbreaking achievements and how we’re transforming the landscape of the industry.

“Since the SDC opened in Georgetown in 1973 (originally as Design Center Northwest, built by Jack Benaroya’s company), more than 2 million people — mostly design professionals, but design-it-yourself consumers, too — have relied on its unrivaled one-stop resources, and the showroom staffs’ global expertise, for inspired creativity and creations.”

So mark your calendars and secure your tickets today. Join us as we come together to celebrate the achievements, creativity, and boundless potential of the interior design world.

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Swivel Interiors

Swivel Interiors

Founded by Kathleen Glossa on the principle of designing with intention, Seattle-based Swivel Interiors specializes in creating spaces that capture and communicate its clients’ authentic, individual styles and sensibilities. As a boutique residential design firm, Swivel offers a synergistic range of services including interior design, custom furniture design, and art curation. With more than a decade of experience working on interiors that run the gamut of styles from traditional to modern, the team at Swivel upholds a strong commitment to detail in order to meet each client’s goals while also thoughtfully and holistically integrating architecture and interior space.

K&L Interiors

At K&L Interiors we create spaces that express your style – designs that fit your home and how you live. Each project is fully custom, whether you’re renovating a complete interior, building new, or updating a room, kitchen, or bathroom. We take care of every detail, from concept and construction drawings to selecting and ordering your furniture and décor.
It all starts with our comprehensive ideation process. We work with you to discover your authentic style – a unique aesthetic that defines what home means for you and your family. An initial visit to your home allows us to learn what’s meaningful to you, share our expertise, and generate ideas. You’ll discover a whole new way to communicate – through images, textures, and materials. This process is what brings your vision to life.

Phone: 206.504.7266 | Email: info@kandlinteriors.com


Social Media

Instagram: @kandlinteriors

Facebook: facebook.com/kandlinteriors

Pinterest: pinterest.com/kandlinteriors

Website: https://kandlinteriors.com


Urban Getaways Design

Urban Getaways Design

Urban Getaways Design and Style Started in 2018. It was birthed by the notion that interior home style should be beautiful and functional.  Spaces evoke feelings. Creating the right feeling doesn’t always come naturally, sometimes it needs to be curated. Our goal is to help residential homeowners achieve their dream space. We’ll collaborate through a simple design process to create a comprehensive plan that will transform your home into a dynamic space.


Hyde Evans Designs

Hyde Evans Design

We specialize in residential design with experience on all scales: new construction projects, fully designed remodels and redecoration of existing spaces while collaborating extensively with architecture firms in the PNW area and clients across the globe. Hyde Evans Design is comprised of an experienced team that carries projects from concept to realization (space planning, interior design, project management and purchasing).

Our firm’s award-winning designs have been featured in both national and regional publications, attesting to the timeless quality and style that is the cornerstone of our success.


Get Inspired!

Phone: 206.323.8441

Website: hydeevansdesign.com

Instagram: @hydeevansdesign

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